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Who We Are

We are a Specialised HR Service Provider in Australia.

Talent Resources Consulting was established with the mission of eliminating talent crunch faced by enterprises dealing with ICT.

Building the best team of professionals for our clients so that progress is unimpeded, is our vision. Augmenting the talent pool of our clients – when and how they want it – is what we are dedicated towards. We handle it expertly so that your can concentrate on your client serving capabilities.

What We Do

We provide customised solutions for your ICT workforce requirements. Services we provide:

We don’t just offer HR solutions… we offer Peace of Mind!!!

Win the war of Talent with Us!

We are a specialist recruitment company focusing on ICT. We ensure that your projects continue unimpeded and that you’re never hit by human resource crunch.

Our strength lies in our focused human capacity management strategies. Finding the best people for your enterprise is our job and something that we excel at!


Hot Listings

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  • Salesforce Solution Architect
  • SAP SuccessFactors Consultant
  • SAP Payroll Functional Consultant
  • Data Architect / ETL Developer
  • ETL Test Analyst – Good rates

“Organisations thrive on people. With the right workforce, quality comes naturally.”

Industry Expert

“Talent gap has grave ramifications throughout the operations of an enterprise. Plug it in time for unhindered capabilities.”

Industry Expert

“Acquisition of the best employees is the fundamental requirement for the success of an organisation.”

Industry Expert