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Market Intelligence

Market insights make the job of strategically targeting qualified candidates much easier

Research is the first step that should be taken in order to understand and tackle the most challenging aspects related to recruitment.

Our team of specialist consultants understand the problems and challenges unique to the ICT industry. Our research spans a wide variety of sources – relevant job boards, social media, industry trends, compensation analysis, recruitment metrics benchmark, supply and demand figures, market trends and University Programs.

Armed with this knowledge we are able to offer our clients market intelligence on industry positioning and best practices in respect to existing skills scenario, best available talent, level and rate of hiring, remuneration structure, attrition rate, industry competency mapping, and culture & gender diversity and much more. This enables our clients to plan and optimize their recruitment process effectively.

Market Insights

Market Insights that will help you take off in the right direction for Talent Acquisition

Understand how your workforce compares to competition

What skills will your company require in future

What compensation package and benefits should be offered

Plan according to local and industry benchmark metrics in recruitment landscape

What are the market trends

Talent mapping reports