Our Services

Temporary Recruitment

Organisations operate in highly dynamic ecosystems. Workforce requirements need to be aligned to changing needs.

The ability to quickly adapt to change without disrupting normal business operations is an imperative. We help our clients achieve this flexibility.Our services ensure that that work is never stalled in want of the right employee.

Talent Resources Consulting undertakes recruitment activities for temporary placements where clients have a short term skill gap that needs to be filled with a quick turnaround required. The services undertaken by Talent Resources Consulting includes identifying and screening talent and providing candidates to client for review. Once the candidate is selected, they will be payrolled by us.

Our service delivery model, managed through a Service Level Agreement, irons out the channel of partnership and ensures that we are always on the right side of regulations. We ensure that the process is smooth and a pleasant and fruitful
experience for clients as well as candidates; Relationships is what we thrive on!

Our offerings under Temporary Recruitment fall under the following categories:

Customer Service Centre Staff

Talent Resources Consulting has customised offerings that can help assist clients with bulk recruitment activities to engage temporary employees for their customer service centre. The range of services could vary from assisting with the full recruitment process to performing only parts of the process. Talent Resources Consulting undertakes activities including but not be limited to:

  • Writing the advertisement;
  • Posting the advertisement;
  • Screening candidates;
  • Shortlisting candidates;
  • Running assessment centres;
  • Conducting interviews;
  • Completing reference checks;
  • Conducting police checks; and
  • Payrolling the successful candidates

Payroll Services of Contractors

Clients may, from time to time, require to payroll a contractor; which may not involve  recruitment services.

We provide payroll services to help such specific requests.

Talent Resources Consulting also provides online timesheet / rostering / onboarding services through either third party software or through its proprietary owned software on SaaS platform.